Music Lessons for Kids in Tampa

Teaching Piano, Ukulele & Voice


Music Lessons for Kids

We offer music lessons for children ages 4-15 in a variety of locations throughout the Tampa bay area. Your child can learn basic to advanced skills in piano, ukulele and voice lessons.


Acting Lessons

We provide quality and thorough acting lessons for children ages 4-15. In every session, we teach the fundamentals of stage performance, acting techniques, drama, musical theater and more.


In addition, every student has a singing, dancing and acting role in our class performances. This helps teach children more effectively and vastly improves self confidence and communication skills.

Acting for Kids

Our students learn great acting skills - and have fun doing i!t

Music Theatre

Our musical theater programs provide a complete curriculum for students to learn a combination of music, dancing, acting and drama as well as the some of the technical aspects of theatre production.

We teach, rehearse for and ultimately produce a live production of a well-known play or show – with YOUR children as the stars.

Our students have a blast learning how to sing and act with some of their favorite movies and are very proud to showcase their newly developed talents to their parents and family on the day of performance.

Register Your Child Today!

At Show on the Road, we offer an amazing musical performance and drama experience for every one of our students. We're known as some of the best musical lesson and performance instructors in the Tampa area. As a result - our classes book up fast. If you are interested in having your child participate in one of our programs, please register them at one of our locations as soon as possible.